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Mr Handy Randy was brought to life July of 2021 in Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina. We offer our services to others who either don't want the problems of fixing something, time, or just don't have the know-how on how to complete a project. We are a North Carolina LLC with liability insurance. Our attention to detail is extremely important to us, as well as you! We have the drive to make you happy with our work. We offer a vast array of skills to help you any way that you need. We target home improvement projects as well as yard and landscaping projects. Pet Friendly! 


Home Improvements: framing, insulation, drywall, sub floors, wood and tile flooring, ceilings, door and window replacement, molding, painting, stonework, backsplash, showers, built in shelving, built in cabinets and storage, bathroom fixture maintenance and updates, hanging fixtures, lights and blinds, decking, railing and steps, custom fence and gates, soffit, fascia and gutter work, assembly and decoration hanging. Fixing wind, storm and hurricane damage. Not listed? Give us a call to check. 910-902-9284


Yard Work: maintenance, mowing, weed eating, blowing, trimming trees and bushes, cleaning out beds, adding new areas, weed block and edging, adding hardscape, pavers, power washing, deck staining and painting. Not listed? Give us a call to check. 910-902-9284


Service Area: currently servicing Leland, Southport, Oak Island, St. James, Bolivia, Supply and surrounding areas. Feel free to call and ask about your area. 910-902-9284


Please check out our gallery for some examples of what we can do to enhance your space. Give us a call so we can get it done for you! 910-902-9284


A little power washing and a little staining or painting goes a long way!!

We can take a jungle and tame it back to your beautiful yard! Sophie approved!

A little hardscaping goes a long way to enhance your yards! 

Some metal bending to repair storm damage and protect against the elements!

Time for some new light fixtures!

Custom fencing and gates add that charm, privacy and security!

Added some outside storage area!

Custom built in cabinets for the storage you need!

Custom designs to meet your needs!

Need a little help getting decorations out and up?

Mr Handy Randy "Gotcha Covered" no matter what your project is, inside or outside!

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Vanessa J Booth
20 days ago

I gave Mr Handy Randy 5 STARS He painted trim around our house, painted and installed a screen door, installed the hardware on the door also painted the deck HE IS A PRO

Sanjeev Yadav
6 months ago

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Jane Johnston
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•             Division 03 - Concrete
•             Division 04 - Masonry
•             Division 05 - Metals
•             Division 06 - Wood and Plastics
•             Division 07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection
•             Division 08 - Doors and Windows
•             Division 09 - Finishes
•             Division 10 - Specialties
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Craig and Donna Gillhaus
a year ago

Looking for a carpenter to relocate a closet door from a master bathroom to the master bedroom and close up the closet door in the bathroom.

Jerry Patt
a year ago

I could not be more pleased with the cabinets shown above.
Randy is a perfectionist and has integrity. Will use his talents many times in the years ahead

Sadie Sicka
a year ago

Congratulations!!! Excited for you!

Joan Lofink
a year ago

Wonderful pictures of work well done. Your work has never disappointed!! Amazing you are handy in so many area’s.